Wolf Club is the writing and recording partnership of Nottingham-based electro indie rock duo Steven Wilcoxson
and Chris Martin. For live performances, they are joined on stage by long-term collaborator Jamie Barlow.

This creative marriage of musician/writers who are willing to leave singular influences, from singer-songwriter
to indie rock and metal guitar backgrounds, at the studio door, is a hybrid of sorts,
but one that has matured to a distinctive personal sound:
a contemporary vibe that mixes studio electro dance with rock instruments.

Attention grabbing lyrical hooks meet big-stage dance-rock dynamic,
making them ever popular on the UK festival circuit.

Four previous placements for Wolf Club on UK TV show Hollyoaks (see below), and BBC radio air-play
for several of their songs, has demonstrated the wider appeal of their music for commercial uses.
Expect great things of Wolf Club, as 2014 promises the release of their debut album on MHCM.

Alone in Berlin (17 July 2013 and 26 June 2013)

Future Dust (26 June 2013)

Nightdrive (2 December 2012)


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