When the apprentice becomes a master something very important happens. You can genuinely rock.

Stone Guardians carve their brand of loud audacious swagger from the foundations laid by their 70's heroes.

Music is not simply a pass time, or even a career for Sean Genockey and John Hogg, it's their lifeblood.

Both living and breathing record making in a way most of us can only begin to imagine.

As the world goes to sleep, they convene to create towering granite behemoths amongst
the spotlights and studio floors of Black Dog Studios, London.

Their songs bristle with energy, delivered by hands and mouths that have been there, done it,
and love it so much they have decided to permanently reside in the world of midnight rock.

Songs like 'Showdown' and 'Do it my way' are sparring for a fight, in the best way possible.

Lyrically they twist themes with a knowing glance.

They are a perfect fit for 'The Canyon' and all their music is sync-suitable where the thunderous sports montage or the sassy
red-lipstick-wearing-sword-wielding heroine needs a loud slab of heavy rock to supplement some butt-kicking.

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