Exeter Indie duo IKO, Kieran Marc Scragg (vocals/guitars) and Neil Reed (piano/keys), had a first incarnation on the
world stage as the creative core of former band Buffseeds, whose song ‘Sparkle Me’ gained them
placements on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘One tree Hill’, and a following in Hollywood.

As IKO they recorded the albums ‘I Am Zero’ and ‘Ludo Says Hi’, sound-tracking for a growing band of admirers
with ‘All Time Low’ on a European ad for DFDS Seaways, and a US Sci-Fi drama ABC’s ‘FlashForward’,
with the piano led ballad ‘Look What You’ve Done To Me’.

2012 was their true breakthrough year as ‘Heart Of Stone’ was chosen to lead the online (viral) campaign
for the final Twilight movie, ‘The Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn Part 2’.

As the first song revealed for the movie, nine months before its release, the YouTube
‘Target Clip’ scored 40 million views on YouTube.

With an album’s worth of material (The Victory Hall) perfectly suited to film and television uses, ‘Dazed & Confused’
and ‘Lightning Bolts’ graced episodes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in Season 9.

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Dazed & Confused
Nov 2012

  The Lake
May 2013

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